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Keyword research tool


Find the right keywords to rank your content for.

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Product information:

What is Keyword research tool?

Keyword research tool is a SEO tool which helps you to find statistics about keywords that are searched for in search engines in order to create relevant content that ranks in Google.

Find how your customers use search engines orientate and make decisions.

Optimizing your content and ranking for the right keywords, could determine the success of your website.

What are the main features of Keyword research tool?

  • Check keyword statistics

  • See how much search volume there is for a keyword

  • Find an estimate of how expensive it is to advertise for a keyword

Who is Keyword research tool for?

Keyword research tool is mostly focussed on SEO beginners who want to find some basic statistics about specific keywords that they want to do research for.

Free features:

Unlimited keyword searches

Search volume

Keyword difficulty score

Estimated CPC

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