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Hubspot Ad Manager


Save time by managing your ads in the same place.

Ad analytics

One platform for all ads

Easy targeting

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Product information:

Report on real advertising ROI with complete precision.

Clicks don’t equal money in the bank.

The data you get from individual ad networks only gives you part of your buyer’s story. HubSpot’s ads tool goes a level deeper — giving you insight into how your ads are influencing contacts at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

See which ads influenced everything from a contact’s first web session, all the way through to booking a meeting with your sales team. Then tie in your sales data so you can more accurately report on the ROI of your ad spend.

Target exactly who you want with automatically syncing audiences.

Who you target with specific offers will change based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. HubSpot makes it easy to target your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads quickly and easily.

Create audiences based on site traffic in just a few clicks. Rule-based segmentation lets you go a step further, targeting only those who have visited specific website pages. Or, create custom lists to target visitors at different stages of their journey based on data from your HubSpot CRM. Finally, expand your reach by creating Facebook lookalike audiences based on any one of your audiences.

Best of all, these audiences will sync seamlessly between HubSpot and each ad network, which means you’ll never have to manually import lists from your CRM into your ad accounts.

Align your ads with the rest of your marketing.

Save time by managing your ads in the same place you manage the rest of your marketing campaigns. Create Facebook and Instagram lead ads directly within your HubSpot account. When someone interacts with your ad, notify your team immediately, or enter that contact into a lead nurturing workflow automatically.

Associate your ads with campaigns, and see how they’re driving revenue in relation to your other marketing assets.

Use with data from HubSpot’s customer service software to target ads at people who resemble your best customers, reducing friction in your sales process.

Free features:

Rule-based segmentation

Automatically syncing audiences

Calculate advertising ROI

Ad creator

Hubspot CRM integration


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